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Introduction Auto Leasing
Corporate Finance Avoiding the risk and expense of maintaining the vehicles. Companies can manage their cash flow efficiently.
Tax Shield Rent expense is deductible from enterprise income (tax rate = 20%).
Financial Management Purchasing company vehicles, restrict to depreciation life (5+1) and maximum amortization expenses (2.5 millions). On the other hand, the shorter leasing duration provides accelerated depreciation efficiency without restrictions. Besides, steady rent expenses help budget precisely, simplify the management and avoid value depreciation when selling.
Administration Saving troubles of dealing with vehicles niggling, including: maintenance, claim and examination. CARPLUS can handle all of it to enhance corporate administration efficiency.
Maintenance CARPLUS offers "uninterrupted car-using service“. Vehicles available for replacing any cars under maintenance or repair. And 24-hours roadside assistance from service centers around the island.
Personal Privacy Since vehicles are registered in CARPLUS, avoiding any illegal third party accessing lessees’ personal information.
Complete Service CARPLUS is the first car leasing company rewarded international certification【ISO9001】, providing the best service.
  Cash / Installment Leasing (Operating Lease)
Financial Aspect
Paying a large amount of money at once when purchasing in cash.
The input tax of small passenger cars isn’t deductible from output tax. (tax rate = 5% )
Depreciation is deductible from enterprise income. (tax rate =20%)
While vehicle is listed as fixed asset, restricted by its depreciation life of 5 years and 1 year residual.
The amortization of depreciation expenses of the car couldn’t exceed NT$2.5 millions.
Troubles of yearly financial budgeting and complicacy of accounts processing.
Rent expenses are deductible from output tax (VAT, tax rate=5%) and enterprise income tax (tax rate = 20%).
Monthly payment could be listed as expense.
Flexible depreciation life accelerates depreciation during the leasing period.
Fixed payments make yearly financial budgeting and accounting easier and more precise.
Administration Aspect
Handle the followings by owner :
Vehicle maintenance, repair and insurance claims.
Periodic inspection and other registration affairs from Motor Vehicles Office.
Yearly payments of vehicle license tax, fuel fees and insurance fees of vehicles.
Used cars disposal and related matters.
The dispatch and replacement of car-using.
CARPLUS provides vehicles maintenance and pick-up services. Moreover, 24 hours professional emergency assistance and claim for accidents.
All the inspection and registration business of vehicles should be taken care by CARPLUS specialists.
The leased cars are registered under the name of CARPLUS, so the user’s personal information is protected against illegal access by a third party.
Return the leased cars when the lease expires that there’s no problem with sale and transfer affairs.
Replacement vehicles are available around the island, providing “uninterrupted car use”.
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